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Project Documents

The update to the Comprehensive Plan will be accompanied and supported by a number of documents, including existing city planning documents, a Public Engagement Plan, an Existing Conditions Report, and summaries of public events. These documents will be made available on this website as they are developed.

Milton Comprehensive Plan (2015) 

Milton's existing Comprehensive Plan was approved and adopted in 2015 and revised in 2018. The plan includes sections on land use, housing, transportation, parks and open space, utilities, and capital facilities. The plan elements can be viewed on the City's website.

2023_0522 Milton EC Report_FINAL cover.jpg

Existing Conditions Report (2023)

An existing conditions analysis was conducted to understand Milton's land use pattern, housing stock, transportation network, park inventory, and more.  


Visioning Workshop Summary (2022)

A summary of the Comprehensive Plan Workshop held on April 14, 2022. Thank you to all that participate in the event. 

Public Engagement Plan (2021)

This document outlines engagement activities, events, and key stakeholder groups. It guides all public outreach for the comprehensive plan update.

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