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Comprehensive Plan Update

Hello Milton,

Thank you to everyone in the community that has provided input on the Comprehensive Plan update thus far. For those that have not had a chance to provide input there is a new opportunity with the Parks and Recreation Survey that just launched. To keep track of additional opportunities please check the Events page and consider signing up for project updates on the website home page. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the home page to submit any general comments or questions on the plan.

Visioning Workshop

The visioning workshop held on April 14, 2022 was a success and we appreciate those that took the time to attend and provide input. A summary of the workshop is now available on the project website by following the link.

Photos from the Visioning Workshop

Visioning Online Survey

The visioning online survey was completed at the end of May and a summary of results is currently being developed. The survey summary will be posted on the project website within the next few weeks.

Visioning Question Word Cloud Response

Outreach at Local Schools

During June the project team conducted outreach at local schools and a summary of input will be posted on the website within the next two weeks.

Input from students at Fife High School

Park Board

The project team met with the Park Board in June to review parks related issues for the Comprehensive Plan update and the Parks Element.

Next Steps

The project team is working on a summary of existing conditions that will address each of the Comprehensive Plan Elements. The summary will be posted on the project website once it is finalized over the summer. Following the existing conditions report the next step will be to develop land use alternatives. The City is required to complete the plan update by December 31, 2024.



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